Advantages of Traditional Madia

Now before I point out the advantages of traditional media…How about i first try and breakdown what it is classified as?                                                                                                                                                   According to google my trustee as times, “Traditional media is the term used to emcompass forms of adverting media such as television media,print,radio,direct mail and outdoor. While social media includes innovative contemporary digital media like the Internet,e-mail, mobile,blogging and social networking channels.”

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Advantage i can think of about traditional media is that i believe the subject of trust is afvantagous as people always feel that ii is credible. An online article which I thought was amazing when it came to elaborating on the topic here . Lighting on the facts of why we should never abandon it.Many of the Baby Boomers msy tune into radio thinking they listening to the latest hits from RiRi but what alot of them dont realise its power to pull you in as it targets the right side of brain.

Inclusion, both traditional and new age media are pivotal to society as they are all mediums in which people share messages and stays inform about the world you in and broadening your general perspective about the way other people live in . I am all about the new age media but i would but i would never neglect traditional media.

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Social Media as a PR tool

It is a lovely Sunday afternoon in the calm setting of Pankhurst and i am waiting for an old friend of mine whom i haven’t seen in a long time. Immediately on her arrival we hug and seat down ,the first thing that we engage in is the growth of social media has launched peoples’ careers and as Practitioners in Public Relations we are testament to that. According ,to Nduvho her career has sky-rocketed because of how she has marketed herself with PR via social media. “I am grateful for the internet and where it is headed,” she says as our order arrives.


Social Media allows us to be more active and not to just wait on some organization or even the media to share stories.Nowadays, you can trend just by a single post and trendy hashtag.This here is a few ways in which you can use social media to support or enhance your public relations as a tool.Using strategic hashtags allows businesses to grow and people to build their brands with clients via the internet.” The use of direct engagement with both customers and the press-and-social media is perfect for both.”


Blogoshere is the perfect integration to utilize PR as a tool ,this is because we (Bloggers) are active on social media and many journalists monitor us. Social media is the current drug and i honestly think it is just going to grow from this.It offers you fast ways to connect with the masses. As we depart , my friend and I have shared vital information .

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